About Us

A Treasure door to Bhutan is founded by a group of people who entered into the travel industry as a  freelance guide leading numerous guest from different parts of the world with various renowned agents. Having big dreams of owning his own agent. finally, after his thirteen  years of guiding experiences and his strong enthusiasm in the tourism field, a treasure door to Bhutan for those who wish to explore the Bhutan in depth has been brought into existence. We are backed up by young, energetic professionals having the most experienced team having managed to build a strong network of invaluable connections.

All of us are immensely proud of our country and takes great pride in showing our guests around. We are passionate about travel and are committed to making our guest stay in Bhutan as memorable as possible. We see our role as being both good guide and as well as most hospitable host, combining our local knowledge and insight with the highest level of services before and after your trip. We highly take on the responsibility to ensure that our guests can enjoy the best part of the country without any unnecessary hitches, distraction or discomforts. We take great pride in attending to small details. With us handling your travel arrangements in Bhutan, you are assured of the finest service available in the country. Our services are personalised and do not believe in the fixed tour itinerary, rather we take note of every detail and interest of our clients and tailor the program for each individuals or group travellers accordingly. We aim at excellence in each aspect of your trip. 

A Treasure Door to Bhutan is one of the most prominent and well established high end companies in Bhutan Tourism and Industry and registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan, an active member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators. 

With us, it is all about you and enabling you to travel the way you deserve.



My wife Carla and I had the good fortune to have spent a week in Bhutan and even more lucky to have had Karma as our guide to show us this mystical land of amazing legends and even more amazing people. Bhutan is a place that Carla and I will always remember with fondness and also a vacation we talk about the most. We spent at least 10 to 12 hours each day with Karma and she was amazing in terms of her ability to make each day an amazing adventure, always smiling, always finding new things to talk and engage us that made leaving Bhutan so so hard. We have decided to revisit Bhutan and I know the only person who can do justice in once again chaperoning us around this beautiful country is Karma !!!!
Rumi Contractor and Carla​
Treasure Door to Bhutan organized an amazing, custom, two week journey around the country for us, including rarely visited Eastern Bhutan. We highly recommend them.
Treasure Door to Bhutan travel agency provided a magical and beautiful tour of Bhutan for me and my husband. We had been to this country several years before so our expectations were set for a lovely experience. Treasure Door to Bhutan gave us that and much more! They took us to the wonderful places to be found on the popular itineraries and also to places less visited. They gave us a look inside the culture and day to day life of the Bhutanese. In addition to the amazing dzongs, for instance, we went to stupas not yet well known by visitors and to local stores as well as off-the-beaten track(and excellent) restaurants. We had a strong guide/leader and an excellent driver. They provided expert services and they were thoughtful and fun traveling companions. Will we return? Yes! Will we use Treasure Door to Bhutan travel agency again? Yes!
Darlene Markovich
My husband and I have been very lucky to meet Karma during our honeymoon in Bhutan. Her knowledge about her country’s culture, religion, people and history is so vast, she is unbeatable in answering any questions we had! Our trip was smooth, beautiful, interesting and unforgettable, thanks so Karma.
Julie Delylle